Thursday, February 23, 2012

[More Snuggles] and a comparison freebie

What's a mom to do when her OWN little is sobbing hysterically,
"I just want my Mommy to stay home and take care of me!!"
Call in reinforcements, of course!
Gratefully, I have matching littles in my class this year, and their awesome mom happens to be registered as a sub with our district.  :)
So. . .after a frantic text at 9:00 pm on Wednesday night, she agreed happily to take my class for the rest of the week.  She volunteers for learning rotations each Tuesday, so the kids know (and LOVE) her already!
I can stay home and be the snuggly mom so my little Miss M can get better (this stuff is kicking her trash!) and my school littles will be well taken care of!
Math this week is all about measurement.  Comparison is the toughest part of measurement, at least in my own happy little corner of first grade!
This activity will be a Friday brain builder.
I *think* they'll figure it out.
Image is linked.
I'd love it if you left a little bloggy love here if you take this.


  1. Thanks! This will fit right in with our Math.

  2. I hope your daughter will be healthy soon!!!
    The freebie is great! Thanks!

  3. Glad you were able to stay home with her!! Hope she feels better soon!!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. I hope she is feeling better soon. It's good you are able to stay home a snuggle with her.
    What a fun activity. Thank you.