Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[what's NOT wrong Wednesday]

I know.  2 posts in one day.  My apologies. lol.
But. . .Carried away in Kindergarten is having such a fun linky party!

It's the What's NOT Wrong linky party.
Focus on the HAPPY.
Let's see if I can do that. . .(today was a pretty tough day)!

1. A big bowl of fresh hot popcorn to eat while watching the news is NOT wrong.  It's just about perfect in fact, especially since Luke made it for me.
2. Silent reading in First Grade is NOT wrong!  I think it might be the only reason we survived today.
3. Clear, cold winter nights are NOT wrong (just cold!).  The stars are beautiful!
4. The teaching/blogging community is NOT wrong!  So many great ideas are shared and help us all be better teachers!
5. Having a Viola Swamp day is NOT wrong.  Sometimes you just have to lay down the law to get those monsters back on track!  Right?!


  1. Oh how I love Silent Reading!!! It can definitely be a day saver!

    First Grade Delight

  2. So happy you were able to link up and find the good! :)

    Kim @