Friday, January 6, 2012

[SCOOT!] Skip Counting by 2s

Just a little warm-up practice game for my kiddos today.
Next week we'll be scooting skip counting by 5s and 10s.  :)

Image is linked to the PDF download.
And, yes, there are 2 bonus questions here - skip counting by 2s with ODD numbers.  Oh the horror!  Bwah-hah-hah.
I realize there are only 12 questions.  I'm going to run this off twice and only have my monsters complete 12 practice questions.
I can get just as much info from 12 as I can from 24.

If you choose to use this game, please leave a little comment of thanks.

Happy Friday!

If you need the SCOOT recording sheet, it's HERE, 3 to a page.


  1. Love your blog and all your ideas. I am awarding you the Versatile blogger award.
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  2. That is funny. I stopped by to say the same thing as Miss Fotte. Check it out at

  3. LOL--I stopped by to same the same thing too!! You can go here to see what it's about.

    First Grade and Fabulous