Friday, January 13, 2012

[publishing page] edited with the link to the file

We're encouraged to take our kiddos clear through every step of writing to the publishing stage.  Publishing in 1st grade looks very different for every teacher.  In an effort to align my efforts more with the expectations of my administrator (and to make it so I'm not wanting to tear my hair out by the handful!), I've adapted an idea from my colleague (thanks, Dana!) and made this into a full page publishing page.
Ummm, yeah, NOW the image is linked to the download.
Sigh.  Told you it was a long week! 
My kiddos will NOT be allowed to write on this page until they have moved all spelling from temporary to permanent and edited for clarity and conventions.  THEN they can publish ONE or TWO sentences per page.  No illustrations until I have okayed the writing.  Hopefully at the end, we'll have a story that they're proud of, I'm proud of, and something that meets the expectations given.  Hopefully.
I've been using THESE AWESOME WRITING PLAN SHEETS from First Grade Shenanigans to help my firsties get from the planning stage to the writing stage and now into the publishing stage.  You'd be doing yourself a favor if you checked them out!  They make sooooo much sense for first graders!

And now, it's Friday! 
What a week this has been.


  1. That is AWESOME! So glad they are helpful! Thanks for sharing on your blog too!

  2. Can I get a copy of the handwriting paper? I love the idea!