Monday, December 12, 2011


Wow.  I didn't mean to disappear.
What a week it was/continues to be.
Non-stop headache for the past 7 days, fluctuating between mildly annoying to knock me flat migraine.
A few other interesting moments during the week.
Today began with the mildly annoying version of the headache,
progressing to something a little more annoying
and accompanied by a highly distressed little girl needing a Mommy day.
Christmas Break will be a welcome break indeed.

During the chaos of the previous week, my class completed our first Persuasive Writing piece.
It wasn't easy.
In fact, at times, it was downright painful.
But it's done.
And it's awesome.  :)

The first 2 images are run front to back to create a work folder.
This worked so incredibly well!
No lost pieces.
No floating sticky notes.
It was one of those happy teacher moments.

All images are linked to the PDF download which contains the writing instructions, the letter writing page, and the work folder piece.  Maybe someone else will love this as much as we do at our school?  A note of thanks if you download these would really make me smile.  And trust me, after last week, I could use a smile. . .
We'll be working on another persuasive piece this week.

8 days till Christmas Break. . .


  1. I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing. It's always helpful to have a few more ideas to work from and see which is best for my class this year.

    New Adventures in First Grade

  2. I love your idea of having your students start with temporary spelling but then an easy way for you to help them with the permanent spelling. I think they will learn more by having to look over to the permanent spelling when writing their final draft. I could easily use the folder idea with the permanent spelling page when my kinders are doing their writing.