Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Multi-Sensory Grammar]

In our district, we're being strongly encouraged to use the multi-sensory grammar program (program? method? idea?).
Last week we did a few things with nouns and verbs in our classroom.
The kiddos really like underlining parts of speech with colors.
Yesterday after we labeled our Rudolph, we worked together to write sentences about Rudolph.  I was hoping specifically to get my class to start understanding/recognizing the difference between nouns and verbs.
After we wrote the sentence together, I asked my little monsters to identify the nouns in the sentence ("A noun is a person/place/thing!" may have been said 121 times. . .).  We underlined each noun with yellow.
Then came the tricky part.  Verbs.  Action words.  "Can do" words.
The littles did pretty well.  We underlined each verb with orange.
We underlined the adjectives with blue.
The prepositions were underlined with green.
AND the noun modifiers with red. 
And an arrow directing the modifier to the appropriate noun.

I had to laugh when we finished the sentences and Austin raises his hand to inform me that there was one lonely word in the first sentence that didn't have a line under it.
Sad part was, I had no idea what to even call that word, let alone which color to use to underline it!  Sigh.
Time for an English review. . .


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