Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was equal parts relieved and sad that we didn't get to dress up at school for Halloween this year.  Then when I got home and found out that my very own middle school son hadn't peed all day because he didn't want to figure out his costume again made me just a little extra relieved thinking of all of those darling firsties and the drama that comes on Halloween in costumes!  :)

We had a fun day anyway - we estimated weight, seed count, and circumference of 3 different pumpkins.  We did an actual count of the seeds in the smallest of the 3 (763 seeds?!). We did non-standard measurement with baby pumpkins.  And we read a Halloween story or two.  It was a pretty great (in an off schedule weirdo kind of way) day.

Today it's back to reality.  November?!  Wow. 

Hoping for some amazing growth this month.  Seems like November is the "magical" month for those on the edge kids.  I'm gearing up for an intense month of reading/math/science/art/first grade fun.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?

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