Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[Order Up!] ordering numbers 0-20

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my "baby boy" who turns 11 today!
Happy Birthday, Bubs!

Here is a fun new math group idea called "Order Up!"
The idea of the game is for students to practice and begin to visualize numerical order.

Students must fill each space on their workmat and are not allowed to move the game pieces after they initially place them.  This encourages higher level thinking as students become familiar with numerical order, strategically placing their numbers where they will fit the very best.  Because students may not move their cards after placing, they really have to think about numerical order (counting up AND down from the given number) to find the best space for that card.

This is a HUGE download (20 pages).
Preview image is linked to the pdf download.
PLEASE do not claim ownership of this game.  Give credit where credit is due.
Elements for this activity come from the Digital Scrapbooking Kit Milk and Cookies by Sprouting Seeds Studio.
Please do not share the downloaded file.
You may direct your friends to my blog to download their own copy.
If you plan to download this activity, please leave a comment BEFORE you click the link.
Thank you!

The first page is instructions, Common Core standards, and credits.

Following that are 6 workmats. Although the workmats are optional, it gives the students a good visual to work with.  Other games using these same workmats will be created, so printing/laminating costs will be shared among numerous games.

There are 6 cards for each number 0-20.  This is a good range of numbers at the start of the year for first graders.  Possibly too large for some, but you could focus on 0-11 and then add in the other cards when your students were ready.

These cards can be used for so many different activities. I'll share some of my favorites at a later date.

These pages print at 12x12.  Most copy shops are set up to print at that size for a minimal charge.  If you have an Alphagraphics near you, they will be able to print these.

My brain is on overdrive with ideas for math groups this fall.  I have started a list and am working like crazy to get the ideas worked up before the inspiration dries up.  :)
Have a great day!
(I'm still trying to figure out how I have an ELEVEN year old?!)


  1. I'm glad your brain is thinking Math because mine is thinking only about all things Mimi... ;)

    This, again, is amazing!!

    My word verification to add this comment is, "fooking." Sounds like Chinese food.

  2. Thank you for the freebie!

    My son turned 11 in February and I am still in shock. How did my baby get to be an eleven year old! I know how you feel!!