Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Counting Crocodiles] ordering numbers math activity

For the first 10 or so days of school, I begin my math lesson with a read-aloud counting book.  I have many favorites, but this one is my very most favorite!

And, now, I have a fun little ordering numbers game for my class to play after we've read the book.  :)
This game requires students to put a set of number cards in chronological order from 1-10.  However, students may choose to receive as many cards as they'd like on each turn, and there are a couple of sneaky little monkey cards, a super snail card, and a fantastic fox card to make this a little more of an adventure.
Directions are included in the download.  I would recommend printing a minimum of one complete set of cards for each student that will be playing.  My groups generally have 4-6 students in each group, so I would make 6 sets of cards.  I realize that's a lot of cards, but it really will help the students have a higher chance of success. 
If you've never read this book, you should.  Really.  You'll love it.  And so will your kiddos.  It's hilarious.  One spunky little monkey stuck eating sour lemons all day and all night till she spies a delectable banana tree on the other side of the Sillabobble Sea which just so happens to be filled with crocodiles.  Not very bright crocodiles, I might add, but the crocodiles are very entertaining (I LOVE the page where the crocs are dressed like Goldilocks!  My kiddos crack up every.single.time we read that page!)! 
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Anyway. . .
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