Monday, June 20, 2011

[thinking forward to August]

August is on my mind.
And it's not even July.
However, today is the first day that really feels like summer vacation.

I have a few projects simmering, but this is one that is ready to go.
It's also one that I'm pretty excited about!

I am always scrambling to get name tags made for my firsties when we have grade level rotations, or a special guest, or head off on a field trip.

Today I picked up a couple of packages of vertical badge holders (12 for $1.88) and a couple of packages of badge id clips (12 for $1.88) in the office supply section at the walmart.

Once home, I opened trusty Photoshop Elements and went to work creating a name badge that each of my students will have when we start school in August.  (I took photos on Meet the Teacher Day, and am only missing 2 of my new little monsters plus any move ins and those will be easy to do up after the first day).

On the first day of school, the kiddos will get to choose from an assortment of beads to create a beaded lanyard for their badges.  For the first week or so, they will wear their badges everywhere (using the clip instead of hanging the lanyard around their necks during gym and recess).  This will help all of us get to know each other, and provide the specialists with the names of my students (as well as the recess aides if a student can't remember where class is for those first few days!).

Anyway. . .(clearly needing some adult interaction around here!), here is the finished product (papers are from Steadfast and Immovable's Table Teacher digi kit, apple is from Scholastic):

If you're interested in making these for your own classroom, leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll send you the layered pse file.  You will need a program that supports layered pse files in order to use this. 

Can't wait to get my little firsties all geared up for a fantastic year!

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  1. Hey Deb! Crystal here! This is a great idea! I'm definitely interested in making these! You know I'm going to bombard your blog for ideas for "firsties" as you call them. ;o) I'd love the file if you can send it. Thanks for sharing!