Monday, June 20, 2011

[beginning addition]

Super simple.
We study one number each day for the first 11 days of school (Day 1 is numeral 1, day 2 is numeral 2, etc.  Day 11 is numeral 0).

One of the activities that I like to do with my students is this beginning addition activity.

I give the students the specified number of objects (sometimes I ask them to take x number of cubes out of their math boxes, other times I give them something like cereal pieces or M&M's (which they LOVE because they can eat it after!), other times I give them stickers and they actually use the stickers to create the visual) and have them write the total on the first line, then divide the objects between the 2 spaces and write those numbers on the next lines.  This is a very kinesthetic and visual activity.

At this point, the students draw the picture of the number fact they just created.  We then share and record all of the different ways that the given number can be made.
Very effective.

I haven't decided if I'm going to run these off this year, or do like I did last year and teach some direction following while completing this activity. . .
Here is a photo of this activity last year (students folded and cut a sheet of white paper in half, glued it on the black paper as directed, then used the stickers to create the picture.  The number fact was written on with white crayon).  Very kid oriented.  Great for a hall display because it's obviously created by the students!
Here is the "teacher" version - designated spaces for the pictures and the numbers.  A much cleaner look.  Perfect to create a book of number facts!
Image is linked to the pdf download.
It's always fun to refer to those little smarty pants kiddos as mathematicians when they are busy solving math equations and creating math facts.  They LOVE it!  :)

Happy adding!


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