Monday, May 2, 2011

[Story Set 1]

My little class this year absolutely LOVES to write!  We've done lots and lots of writing, lots of talking about word choice, voice, and remembering our capitals and end marks.

Lately they've been needing a little encouragement when writing.  The tiniest little seed of an idea to get their brains thinking away.  I've used each of the pages in this story set with my class.  We've had a great time!  They are so creative - so imaginative!

Before I hand the papers out, I have them close their eyes, rest heads on their desks, and imagine whatever it is that the story page is about.  Then I hand out the papers and give them ten minutes for drawing/coloring.  Later in the day or even the next day, I give them time to write their stories.  This is the process that works best for this class. Last year, it was opposite, they had to write first, illustrate later.  Just a different dynamic.  This week I'll give my class a choice about illustrating/writing first and let them choose individually what they feel works best for them.

Anyway. . .long story short. (Ha, ha!)  Here is a set of story pages if you'd like to use them.  The image is linked to a pdf download of 7 story pages (the file is 14 pages long as each story gets a set of handwriting lines on the back for my kiddos that really get into their stories and need more space for writing).
Hope you like them!  :)

Here is a blank story form if you're interested in that (image is linked to the download):

Oh, and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


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