Thursday, March 31, 2011

{super speedy speller}

{aka: the coolest, best, most awesome spelling practice EVER according to my firsties!}

This is one of those on the fly activities that I came up with one day a few years back.
It's a class favorite year after year and really does help kids not only practice their spelling, but their quick handwriting, and their ability/willingness to be in front of a group.  Seriously.  Even my most anxious children LOVE this activity. 

My kiddos beg to play for spelling practice and ask to play whenever we have a few extra minutes in our day.

Super easy.  Low maintenance.  Fun.  Doesn't get better than that!

Here's how we play Super Speedy Speller! (said in your best game show host voice of course!)
1. Send three children to the board.
2. Give them a spelling word.
3. The first student with the word spelled correctly (AND legibly!) gets to stay.  The other two return to their seats.
4. Send two new students to the board to compete against the winner from the previous round.
5. Continue until every student has had a chance (or five!) and/or the spelling list has been practiced thoroughly.

Today's best laugh out loud moment was when I had three of my most popular boys at the board, and the next word on the list was "girls."  Bwah-hah-hah.  The boys turned 15 shades of red while everyone else in the room hooted and hollered.  It was awesome!

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