Monday, March 28, 2011

{March Weather Graph}

Friday we made the most adorable little lambs and lions (patterns were from The Mailbox).
We then talked about the weather and the saying, "In like a lion out like a lamb" and predicted how March would exit our state.
One of my kiddos said, "Does our prediction HAVE to be what we think will happen or can we PRETTY PLEASE choose what we HOPE will happen?!"
Please excuse the (uh-hem) high quality photo.  I took it with my phone. 

I couldn't agree more!  March has been a pretty crappy weather month!
Each student chose a lamb or a lion and we built our graph in the hall. 
As we reviewed what lamb and lion meant in weather terms, one of my little cuties said, "Lion means yucky, miserable, and pretty much just disgustingI"
Ha, ha, I love how they describe things!

Today we'll take this worksheet out to the hall, rediscover our graph, color this graph to match, use our math language to write about our predictions, and write a number sentence about the graph.
I am really, really hoping that March goes out like a LAMB!!
(graphics courtesy of DJ Inkers).


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