Friday, March 4, 2011

{first grade logic, a hero letter, and some non-standard measurement}

I LOVE how first graders think!
On Wednesday, I gave the measurement pre-test. 
The last question showed pictures of a crayon, a ladybug, and a paperclip.
The question asked, "Would it take more ladybugs or paperclips to measure the crayon?"
The students were then asked to explain their answer.
I almost laughed out loud when I read K's answer.
He had circled the paperclip and his explanation was you can't measure with a ladybug because it would just fly away.
Can't argue with that logic, buddy! 
First Graders are AWESOME!!!

Back in August, September, October, and November, we wrote letters to heroes that are currently serving in the United States military.  We sent our letters to Operation Write Home and they forwarded our letters on to heroes.  On Monday, we were thrilled to receive a card from one of the heroes that had received one of our letters!  The kids have been begging all week to write back, so today, we'll be writing back!  :)
If you're looking for a genuine writing assignment during your letter writing unit, I highly recommend Operation Write Home.  Your kiddos may not get a letter or card back, BUT THEY JUST MIGHT!  The image above is linked to the download and you can find the shipping address for your letters on the Operation Write Home website.  Take a few minutes and let your kids make someone's day.

Just a couple of quick non-standard measurement worksheets and then I really MUST get ready for school!  Yesterday by this time I was completely ready to go, kids were ready and eating breakfast, AND I'd made a batch of cookie bars!  Yikes!
As always, images are linked to the download.
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  1. The kids LOVE these non-standard measurement activities, as do I. Thank you!!

  2. I LOVE all of your things! Thank you for sharing!